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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design
Entrepreneur Accounting App


An app that allows users to conduct their everyday business directly from their phone.

UX/UI Design
Pre-Owned Car Dealership


A website that allows users to trade in their old car, buy certified pre-owned cars and get extended warranty, financing, & insurance.

UX/UI Design
CPR & Choking Emergency App


An app that teaches users how to perform CPR and handle choking emergencies. It also unlocks new functionality that allows the Google Assistant to assist you during an emergency.


The foundation of a business is built upon the relationship it has with its users. As a UX designer, I’m tasked with understanding the users, interpreting their needs through design and ultimately for advocating those needs. In doing so, I’m able to create high-quality experiences that are founded in research, which creates long-lasting value all while transforming a business into a growth trajectory.

Product Design / Web Design

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